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Tabuleiro Waterfall


Picture: Rocha Ribeiro It's not just the colonial cities that make the Royal Road famous; it boasts a beautiful natural heritage that includes valleys, canyons, waterfalls, rivers, mountain ranges, caves, forests, and savannas. Here are some natural highlights of the Royal Road:


Paraty, RJ - islands, deserted beaches, waterfalls, and the beautiful park road that climbs through the Bocaina Hills National Park.


Cunha, SP – In addition to the beauty of the Bocaina Hills, Cunha has lavender fields that bloom year-round.


Ibitipoca, MG – Ibitipoca State Park is one of the most visited in Minas Gerais due to the Window to the Sky, formed by a small river flanked by trees at its fall, with stunning views of the valley.


Serra do Cipó, MG – In addition to the waterfalls of the Serra do Cipó National Park, these highlands are a flower garden. The Espinhaço mountain range is considered a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.


Conceição do Mato Dentro, MG – Tabuleiro and Véu da Noiva waterfalls are the most beautiful in Minas Gerais.


Diamantina, MG – The surroundings of Tiradentes and Ouro Preto have beautiful mountain ranges, but in Diamantina, it's even more impressive, like the Salitre Cave, which is sensational.


Metas -
Paraty - RJ, Cunha - SP, Ibitipoca - MG, Conceição do Mato Dentro - MG, Diamantina - MG, Serra do Cipó - MG,Diamantina - MG


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