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Caminho Novo (New Path)


Picture: Wania Corredo / MTur The Caminho Novo (New Path) of the Royal Road was the last to be defined, but it became the main route, connecting Ouro Preto to the then capital of the colony, Rio de Janeiro. Because it lies between today's two major state capitals, Belo Horizonte and Rio, it is the most visited. This route boasts 4 World Heritage Sites, charming colonial gems like Tiradentes and São João Del Rey, restaurants, and markets filled with Minas Gerais delights. It also offers two must-see attractions, Inhotim and Petropolis.


Our suggested itinerary to explore the Caminho Novo includes:


1 night in Belo Horizonte. Tour: Market and food Tour in this vibrant metropolis to start off the journey with a taste of Minas Gerais’s cuisine.

caminho novo

1 night in Brumadinho Tour: Full Day Inhotim Art Center, the world’s largest open air museum, with many galleries of contemporary Brazilian and international artists.


2 nights in Ouro Preto Tours: Historical walking tour; Mariana and Gold Mine Full Day Tour; Bom Jesus de Matosinhos World Heritage Site, on the way to Tiradentes. These tours include some of the most impressive works of Brazilian baroque art and architecture.

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2 nights in Tiradentes Tours: Historical walking tour; Full Day São João Del Rey with steam engine train; Petrópolis Imperial Museum, on the way to Rio. Tiradentes is known for being the most charming town in Brazil. Petrópolis’ Imperial Museum was the former palace of the Brazilian Imperial Family and today holds their crown jewels and other memorabilia.


3 nights Rio de Janeiro Tours: Full day Corcovado & Suga Loaf; Old Rio walking tour; Free day at the beach. The main attractions of Rio, and a tour of the oldest part of the city will tie up the route.

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Transfers with private driver between destinations starting from Confins Airport and ending at one of Rio's airports.
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