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The Royal Road with Kids


Traveling the Royal Road is a great program to do with children. Your client can choose the route and stops so that they travel between 3 and 4 hours between destinations, or even less, and there are many attractions that appeal to adults, teenagers, and children. In addition to the historical component, this trip also offers a lot of fun. See below for some tips:


- Walk through the halls and see cave paintings in the Gruta do Maquiné, in Codisburgo.


- Take the Maria Fumaça train from Tiradentes to São João Del Rey.

- Kayak on the Cipó River in the Serra do Cipó.


- See life-sized statues sculpted by Master Valentim in the chapels depicting scenes from the Passion, in Congonhas.

- Descend in a rail cart, Indiana Jones-style, into the Passagem Gold Mine and see the underground chambers and lakes.


- Slide in slippers through the corridors of the Imperial Museum and see the Crown Jewels, in Petropolis.

- Follow a guide-miner to a waterfall and try to find diamonds with a gold pan, in Diamantina.

- See the maned wolves at the Caraça Sanctuary.


- Take a boat to crystal


- Clear water islands and swim among the fish in Paraty.

This is a trip to make lasting family memories.
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